Top 5 Trendy business ideas for 2019

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1.         Plant-based foods

There is a growing trend and a business opportunity to sell more plant-based foods for people that are mindful of their health or are concerned for animal welfare.  Understanding the difference between plant-based diets can help you spot a unique business idea in which to capitalise on:

  • vegan (eating no animal products at all)
  • vegetarian (eating no animal flesh products)
  • pescatarian (eating fish and seafood but no other animals)
  • flexitarian (eating a primarily plant-based diet)

2.         Green alternatives

The recent press coverage on the environmental impact of plastics polluting the seas and filling up landfill sites, has provided start-ups and existing businesses that are green or eco centric new opportunities for funding. Many social enterprises have been created to help lead the way to saving the planet, these opportunities include:

  • Creating a new reusable or recyclable product
  • Incorporate recyclable or reusable packaging, for example, biodegradable water bottles
  • Selling compostable items, such as cups to a coffee shop

3.         Ethnic minority Beauty Products

For many years, people of colour have found it particularly difficult to match make-up such as foundation to their skin tone.  In 2018 with help from the fashion and beauty industry, a new trend that recognises this gap in the market has been pushing for change. Many products are currently either in production or currently being sold, finding a niche in the market can be quite lucrative, such as:

  • Selling make-up colours that are customised for more individuals, where current ones are failing
  • Make and sell custom shampoo and conditioner for underrepresented hair types

4.         Online coaching and consultancy

In recent years there has been an increase in online, on-demand services. Entrepreneurs can either create or invest in many ideas, such as:

  • Selling products or services using their knowledge and expertise
  • Become an online coach or consultant, teaching others to sell their goods or services.

5.         Luxury pet care

Considering the amount of people that own pets, there are certainly many opportunities:

  • Pet walking
  • Pet grooming
  • Toys for pets
  • Holiday homes for pets

Knowing that there is a wide range of new business ideas that you can make a business from, a good starting point would be to choose a business idea you are either passionate about or have expertise in, this will ensure that you have a competitive edge and will more likely result in a success endeavour.

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